HUCK Mystery Meat Bucket



  • 1-4 buckets 30% off regular price ($119.95) = $83.97 per bucket
  • 5+ buckets 40% off regular price ($119.95) = $71.97 per bucket


Everybody remembers that cafeteria food you got from the lunch lady and you weren’t exactly sure what kind of meat you were getting. Well we used those fond childhood memories as inspiration for a line of our buckets we affectionately dubbed ” Mystery Meat.” These are buckets that have a scratch or blemish in some form but nothing that affects the performance or function of the bucket… In keeping with the “Mystery Meat” theme we assemble the buckets from parts we pull blindly from boxes so even we don’t know what unique color variations are going to turn out until we build them. Each bucket comes with the same warranty and guarantee and our new “Mystery Meat” labels making sure you know it is a HUCK original and made with love right here in our Maryland factory.


To make these buckets even cooler we have given them a healthy price discount for those of you who want a great product but don’t care about colors or a scuff or blemish.


In addition to the great price discounts on our Mystery Meat line we are also offering entry into our first annual “Mystery Meat” giveaway. Each Mystery Meat purchase equals one entry into our drawing for a free “2 bucket bundle” which will take place on Friday December 4th.


No coupons are valid with this offer.


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