Hi, my name is Joe Schneider.

I’m the founder of HUCK Performance Buckets.


I was born and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and graduated from Salisbury University with a degree in Environmental Sciences. As a kid, fishing, hunting, building forts and doing what kids did, I always seemed to end up with a five-gallon bucket in hand.

As an adult, it continued. Whether for work or play, a five-gallon bucket was never too far away. Cleaning boats, catching bait, carrying fish, or even using it as a makeshift seat in a dove field or turkey blind, I always had a task for a bucket.


One day at my dad’s house in the Florida Keys, I was carrying a bucket of ballyhoo for snapper fishing, when suddenly, the bucket handle broke. I lost my bucket and all my bait overboard.

After a few choice words and the realization that I had no bait left to fish, I reflected on all the bucket problems that had plagued me over the years. As one that prefers quality over quantity, I knew there had to be a way to build this common, everyday tool better.


I gave these issues lots of thought and did tons of research and realized that there was no quality bucket option available on the market. I began my quest to reinvent the tool I had grown to love under the assumption others were having the same problems I was.

This quest, and believe me, it was a quest, led to the HUCK Performance Bucket.