Huck Bucket-Old

HUCK… made super strong to last super long!

There’s a lot more science that goes into a HUCK Bucket than what you might think …

Incredibly strong

The bucket is made of SpryTech, an incredibly strong, all weather, blend of performance polymers (all other buckets in the world are made of HDPE, a material used to make sandwich bags and milk jugs).

Grippin’ Feet by Vibram®

Non-skid Grippin’ Feet feature built-in finger indents for enhanced control when pouring or lifting

1/8″ thick walls

Double the wall thickness of ordinary disposable 5-gallon bucket

Radiused-edge base

Radiused base design deflects impacts far better

Up off the ground

Feet raise bucket base 3/8″ off the ground so you can spray underneath without moving the bucket

Grips wet or dry

Non-skid feet made of ICETREK™ compound that offers exceptional grip on wet or dry surfaces

Won’t stick when stacked

Dome shaped internal handle plug eliminates vapor lock when stacking buckets

TurtleGrip tread

The TurtleGrip tread is designed to prevent slippage by the lugs being angled to dig into the hand should the hand start to slip. The gaps in the tread are designed to help avoid picking up stones and debris from the ground when it is set down

Finger indents

Handle features ergonomic finger indents


GripLip on edge of feet fit the natural shape of your finger joints

Solid rim wall

Solid rim wall above handle bulkheads increase handle strength

Handle bulkheads

StayPut handle system leaves handle in position so you’re not having to constantly reach down to grab it


We call them “spaghetti pot handles” because they are similar to the handles on the side of a spaghetti pot, so they give you the ability to carry or pour


Height: 13 5/8″
Mouth diameter: 11.5″
Weight: 3 lbs
Base diameter: 10.5″

Tested to hold over 600 lbs without breaking!

How much weight can a HUCK bucket hold? A lot. An awful lot! The challenge is getting enough weight into the bucket. We were able to effectively get 600.5 lbs into a HUCK (by putting concrete blocks into 16 ordinary buckets) without failure. Pretty amazing!

As seen on Pursuit Channel and Sportsman Channel

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Introduction to the HUCK Bucket